No deep dark secrets to hand out…just questions and thoughts.

When I was much younger, I was woken up by my parents to watch a grainy black and white TV image of a man walking on the Moon. In July 1969. That woke me up. That was Apollo 11. Neil Armstrong joined the admittedly small pantheon of my heroes, alongside my dad and my mom. Well there was also my high school librarian but she was more in the sex goddess category – she had a great mind and a gorgeous ass, even if she was 39.

Back to space: more missions followed, some cool space probes (yea Voyager !)  then a space station ! Skylab was kinda cool. Then there were shuttles, a bigger international space station…and now just a space station. No more shuttles. NASA is a bloated bureaucracy that does unmanned exploration. I think the first manned mission to Mars will speak Chinese or Urdu. Good for them if they get there, but it’s sad to see the West slowly fade away…

Be nice if someone actually managed to build a working, fully functional commercially viable fusion reactor. Come on folks, it’s only been 40 years of talk. With enough power, poverty would be transformed to a different level. Like having basic food, water, educational tools, a roof and clothes without the seemingly endless graft and waste some UN organisations manage to generate. Oh, I actually typed that. My bad – well my true opinion. But that’s for another post. So, we need another Einstein or maybe a Tesla or a Singh. I don’t care where he/she comes from, just build that fusion reactor please. That would be much better than busted windmills and so-so fission plants. And maybe, just maybe we could seriously start considering the stars again.

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